With Itch, these are a very rare occurrence, but there are a few signs you may want to look out for. These include:

  • Behavioural changes, such as lethargy or increased signs of nervousness
  • Skin reactions, which may include a mild irritation or fur loss limited to the treated area
  • Sickness, this is only caused in instances where your pet has managed to orally ingest the treatment and may also come with excessive salivation

To help avoid these instances, ensure that you have the correct dosage for your pet’s weight and that it has been applied correctly. This means between your pet’s shoulder blades in a place they can’t reach to lick the treatment!

It’s super important that we report any instances of adverse reactions to the Veterinary board and our manufacturers, so please contact our team of Flea Fanatics or a vet if you spot any of these or if you are concerned

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