Any form of grooming can begin as a stressful process for your pet! To help build a routine, be sure to pick a time when they are calm and relaxed and soothe them with some over the top petting or some tasty treats..

If your pet does not like being held, be sure to have another person there to help you! For cats (and maybe even small dogs), you can wrap them up in a blanket (a purr-ito) so they can’t scratch or wriggle away! 

Now, applying the treatment is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Snap off the top of the pipette 
  2. Part your pet’s fur, try to get the skin exposed!
  3. Apply the liquid to the exposed skin (the whole pipette, peeps!)

Now, the important part! Be sure to give your pet lots of treats and ‘Good Boy/Girl’ to help build a positive routine with your dog… and to appease your cat and guarantee they don’t plot your death while you sleep…

Always ensure that the treatment is not applied to broken skin or gets in sensitive areas like your pets eyes! Be sure to avoid touching the treatment (this might mean a few cuddle-less hours after application), and wash with warm soapy water if it comes into contact with your skin.


Still unsure?

Watch our treatment videos for dogs and cats







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