Choose a time when your pet is calm. Have treats nearby to reward good behaviour. If your pet is boisterous or doesn't like being handled, get someone to help you. Part the hair on the back of your pet's neck, snap the top of the pipette, and apply the liquid to the exposed skin. Make sure to use the full pipette. Once applied, reward for good behaviour. Always apply to the back of the neck, to avoid your pet licking it off. Don't apply to broken skin. Please avoid contact with your pets' eyes and leave the area to dry before cuddling your pet. For cats we recommended they stay inside for a few hours to make sure they are showing normal behaviour.

For pet owners, please avoid getting the product on your skin, or in your mouth or eyes. If you do get this in your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water. If you get this on your skin wash the area with clean soap and water. If you accidentally swallow the treatment please seek medical advice immediately and show the package details to your doctor.

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