My dog/cat spends most of their time indoors, do I still need to use ITCH Flea treatments?

Myth-breaking time! We’re sorry to tell you, hoomans, but indoor pets can still get fleas. 

In every stage of the flea life-cycle, fleas are small and easily transportable. They can be picked up at the pub, the park, or from a local furry friend - nowhere is safe! 

They will attach themselves and hide on your shoes or jacket ready to get jiggy with it in your home - causing a whole load of the little blighters who are hungry for your pet! Once they get in your home and on your unprotected pet, they will have the perfect breeding ground - especially if it’s nice and warm.

Flea infestations can be super tricky to get rid of, and not to mention tedious and pricey.

Itch’s monthly parasite protection packs are easy and faff-free, saving you a lot of time and money. You tell us which seems the better choice! 


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