What is the difference between ITCH Flea and oral flea products?

For starters, Itch Flea comes in a pipette, making application super easy. We’re all about being faff-free, so no wrestling with your pet or trying to sneak the tablet into their food! 

With oral tablets, these need to be successfully swallowed by your pet in order to be distributed through their bloodstream. The problem with this is for you pet-parents whose fur-babies have a sensitive stomach! If your pet vomits or has diarrhea it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment!

With Itch Flea, you won’t need to worry about this. Just apply the treatment to the back of your pet's neck and let Itch do the rest! Itch Flea spreads across your pet’s coat and will kill fleas on contact - no need for a good ol’ munch for the treatment to work!

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