Your pet can pick up fleas absolutely ANYWHERE. The park, the garden, the pub - nowhere is safe! These little hitchhikers will take any opportunity to jump on your pet. 

In green, grassy areas, fleas will lurk about waiting for a prime opportunity to strike and jump on your pet. Once they get on your pet, they have a one way ticket into your home ready to get jiggy with it and turn it into their perfect breeding ground!

Fleas can also be picked up by other animals bringing fleas to your garden - foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels to name a few. Once in your garden, your pet will pick these up whenever they nip out for the loo or for a quick tear apart! 

Beware, it’s not just our pets that pick up fleas! Fleas will jump on your boots as you walk through the grass or on your jacket saying hello to a local furry friend. If any of your visitors have pets, they also have the potential to bring fleas into your home. These fleas will be ready to have a good ol’ munch on your pet. 

Flea eggs continue to lay dormant for up to 3 months! This means that even when you think those pesky critters are gone, they could still be lurking about, waiting for the perfect conditions to come out of their shells making for a very unexpected infestation!

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