Should I use ITCH Flea on my pet all year round or only during the warmer months?

We’re here to break the myth. Unfortunately, fleas are a year-long problem! Whilst fleas are most prominent in Peak Flea Season, which takes place during summer, this does not mean that they disappear during the cooler months!

Fleas can lay eggs in your home which can stay dormant for quite some time! These will wait to hatch until the perfect conditions. 

As fleas love the warmth, turning on central heating will not only cause dormant eggs to hatch, but also looks very appealing for any fleas that are stuck out in the cold! When your pet goes out for their adventures, they may pick up the odd flea trying to take advantage of the free ride into your nice warm home - unlike other bloodsuckers, they won’t wait for an invitation inside! 

Be sure to have protection all year to avoid any potential infestation - they’re not seasonal!


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