How does Itch Flea protect the home from fleas?

By guaranteeing your pet is protected on a regular basis from any pesky creatures, it will stop fleas from getting into your home and hiding away in all the nooks and crannies! You want to make sure all pets in the home are treated, otherwise they’ll keep jumping between animals!

As 95% of fleas live in your pet’s environment, it is vital your home is spoken for too! Flea eggs can lay dormant for months on end, only hatching in the right conditions - making it so they can strike any time, even in winter.

Our top tips for treating your home are:

  1. Regularly hoover your home - and don’t skimp out on emptying the bag after! Fleas can easily escape if they manage to survive the hoover.
  2. Wash all blankets, bedding and clothing, including your pet’s! - You’ll need this to be a hot wash, so we’re talking 60° here, hoomans. 
  3. Treat all areas your pet may visit - places like your car or their cages can hoard the little blighters as they are easily forgotten about! 

We also have a home spray available which can be added to your first order with us, or purchased by giving one of our flea fanatics a bell on 020 3370 0905.

Hasta-la-fleasta, baby!


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