We like to make your life easy, so simply follow the step by step guide below to update the weight of your pet.

    1. Log into your account, you can access our login page by Clicking Here!
    2. After successfully logging in, this will bring you to your dashboard homepage.
    3. Your pets will be listed under, 'my pets and their subscription" Please select the pet whose weight you wish to update.
    4. Select the pet name you wish to edit. An edit button should be available.
    5. Select and this will take you to the page where you can make changes to your pet's profile. 
    6. To make changes to your pet's weight you must click the edit button under the pet's name. You will then be able to update the relevant field, including your pet's weight in KG. 
    7. Once updated, please select Screenshot_2021-02-26_at_14.38.01.png . This will permanently save the changes you have made. 
    8. If your pet has entered a new weight category, this will be reflected in your next order and may effect the price. You can check this under the 'upcoming orders tab'.
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