Can I order flea treatment when I need it?

Itch is only offered on a monthly subscription basis. We believe that monthly treatment is the best means of cure and prevention for flea infestations! If monthly treatment lapses, fleas can start laying eggs again and infestations can re-establish. You can find more information about routined parasite control and its importance in this blog.  

However, we know it is easy to forget to treat your pet. This is why we offer this monthly subscription to be delivered straight to your door, to be applied to your pet as soon as it arrives! If you somehow have a build up of treatment (we know how easy it is the put the treatment in the cupboard and forget about it!), you can pause your subscription following our guide. Alternatively, if you contact us on or dialling 020 3370 0905 on the dog and bone, we can sort this for you! 

You can also find the best ways to protect your pet and home from those pesky creatures here. 

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