How do I remove a pet from my account?

We like to make your life easy, so simply follow the step by step guide below to remove a pet from your subscription.

    1. Log into your account; you can access our login page by  Clicking Here!
    2. After successfully logging in, this will bring you to your dashboard homepage.
    3. Your pets will be listed under, 'welcome to your account' on the 'my pets' tab. Select the pet whose account you wish to cancel.
    4. Scroll down to where your pets name is listed under 'pet profile'. An edit button should be available.
    5. Select Screenshot_2021-02-26_at_14.25.24.png which will take you to a page where you to make changes to your pet's profile. 
    6. If you wish to pause your pet's account instead of permanently removing them from your subscription, you can do so for up to two months. You can access our 'how do I pause a pet's subscription' article here. 
    7. If you still wish to permanently remove your pet's profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select 'delete pet'. 
    8. A pop-up page will appear, please select the reason for cancelling your pet's subscription and select, 'I'd like to cancel', this will permanently remove your pet's account. Your pet's name should no longer appear on your home page. 
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