Shop - What is the difference between buying from Itch Shop VS. purchasing a subscription?

With Itch Shop, you can purchase as and when you need. This can be for one-off treatments or bulk purchases (which you may need if you’re away from your address for an extended time!)

However, with your subscription, you get a bunch of added benefits! This ranges from discount on Itch Insure, to completely FREE access to Itch Video Vet service (24/7 access to UK vets, anywhere, anytime, right from your phone). Not to mention, your treatments will come at the same time each month so your pet’s needs are always met. Itch helps you make sure you never forget! 

Whatever you need, our team of wonderful Wellness Warriors are always on hand. You can contact us on or dial 020 3370 0905 on the dog and bone.

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