With Itch, you get your first flea treatment free!  for up to 3 pets. This allows you to try the treatment and make sure that it is suitable for your pet. In month one, we just ask £2.99 for postage & packaging per pet. However, any add-on treatments you have, such as wormer or treats, are not included in this trial. After month one, delivery is completely free.

Once you have signed up to Itch, it will create an ongoing subscription with automatic monthly payments and dispatch. This means you get monthly flea treatment sent straight to your door, without ever needing to reorder! Faff-free guarantee that you will never forget to treat your pet again - isn’t that paw-some! 

Finally, you’ll be able to say ‘hasta la flea-sta, baby’ to those pesky creatures - and keep them gone! 

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